Woman’s Aroma

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woman's aroma pho1.jpg

Woman’s Aroma


100% natural ingredients

No antiseptics

Feminine Balance

Just a drop a day where it counts! Aroma for women’s hygiene

Volume: 5ml

 DANOSU Woman’s Aroma connects your body to your soul in the best way imaginable. Thanks to nature’s stimulating qualities that breathe through the product, your wellbeing is assured by harmonizing your body and soul in perfect balance.

Since ancient times, the revitalizing effects of Island mugwort of Gangwha have been used to treat the skin, period pain, blood circulation, hemorrhoids and women’s diseases in particular.

Rose oil in Europe containing phytohormone, similar to estrogen (the feminine hormone), is effective in keeping the hormonal balance, combating stress and climacterium. Recognized as an important fragrance for women, rose oil has been effectively used for female-related symptoms and diseases.

Features: Woman’s Aroma is an essential product for woman. Not only does it contain rose oil, the queen of all oils, that transforms a woman into the perfect lady, but the Island mugwort oil also nurtures woman’s health, renowned as an age-old medicine used for healing scars, sterilization and as antibiotics.

Effects: It offers harmony to the body by cleansing the intimate part of a woman and keeping her body balanced.

To Use: Use a spoid or a dropper to apply a drop of Woman’s Aroma onto a panty liner or the underclothes. Alternatively, apply 3 to 4 drops to warm water in a hip bath and sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid using the product during pregnancy.

Effective Ingredients: Bulgarian rose oil, Island Mugwort oil, lavender oil 

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